Thema 4: Muziek en familie

Father and Friend – Alain Clark en het Metropole Orkest

Wist je dat zanger Alain Clark uit een muzikale familie komt? Hij zong zelfs een duet met iemand uit zijn familie en scoorde daarmee een grote hit. Samen met het Metropole Orkest traden ze op. Kijk en luister naar het filmpje!



Father and Friend

O, papa sit down, and hear my song
O, and if you feel like it then please sing along
No nothing that I wanna say, I haven’t said before
But to use your words, you can never be to sure

See even though, I don’t always show
I’m glad that you’re around
I said I’m glad that you around

O son, it’s so strange, to hear and see
That someone so different is a soul like me
You may have gone right, where I would have gone left
But son that’s alright, I will always have your back
See even though I don’t always show
I’m proud that you’re my son

Old days, and all of the new
Wanting to be like you

Every time I look at you
I see myself
I’m so proud of you
You have made me what I am
A better man
I’m just so proud of you

O dad your views on life, tell me how they came to be
Well see, I didn’t know my father like the way that you know me
Son, life is too short for us to never be in touch
So that’s why I wanna tell you that I love you very much

Even though, I don’t always show
You know
I want you to know that


I’m here and I’ll be if I can
A father and a friend


You know that one day too
I’ll be walking in your shoes
And I know that you’ll do fine, because you’re a son of mine
O papa tell me what you’ve learned
So that I don’t get my fingers burned
you’ll see that if you go
you make mistakes off your own
but thats okay men
see you live and you learn
you live and you learn


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